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Originally Posted by Hanta Yo View Post
Completely agreed. It's a real shame how much misinformation there is out there in regards to mental health. People may blame themselves based on this misinformation, the whole idea like you said, to walk it off.

I also think it's quite unfortunate that mental health resources aren't used to their full potential, perhaps due to some feelings of taboo still surrounding it. Anyone with any problem, or those who suspecting that something is wrong, go and seek attention. It's easier for someone suffering from something like Schizophrenia to get said attention. But so many people live with the likes of anxiety and depression, but don't get the recommended help. There is literally no shame in doing so. Like you said, you wouldn't feel shameful if you went to a doctor for cancer, would you?

The resources are out there, use them, if for anyone, do it yourself.
This is true. Especially for the taboo part. This especially apparent in men. I never understood why it was looked down upon to seek help for mental health issues. If I didn't get put on anti-depressants for most of high school, I'd probably be dead now. They do however need to do more research into anti-depressants. They are prescribed too often and they have too many adverse effects. I eventually stopped taking the anti-depressants after I started having suicidal thoughts that were worse than if I wasn't taking them.

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