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12-14-2012, 06:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Bleach Clean View Post
Obviously, there's no inherent compulsion for Tallon to submit to Gillis's demands. The fact that Tallon knows where Luongo's heart is, does factor in. He's far more comfortable taking his own hardline knowing that Theodore is in-house for one more year and that Luongo's family will push him in his direction... But then that's why TO is in the picture at all. It's because Tallon has chosen to take a conservative stance that the field is open for another team of need to make their pitch. And if that team's pitch warrants consideration, well then Luongo won't get his wish... and he'll have to go to said team.

TO has to be in the discussion. Quite odd to think that they don't rate when their need is the greatest, Burke is in year 5 of his plan, and that rumour vultures have circled their team for months. Everyone knows these two teams make a trade match in the simplest terms. It's why they continue to be linked.
No argument or sarcasm....are you saying you've heard rumours about Burke's job? I ask because i have heard nothing.

My point before was i find it odd that most keep saying "if Burke won't payup...we'll just trade him to FLA". I guess i'm just wondering why it is assumed that FLA will trade for him. I get they had a meeting, but it seems most of the FLA talk stopped after that. It is possible that Tallon explained to Luongo that the direction they are taking with the team doesn't include him.

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