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12-14-2012, 06:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
No argument or sarcasm....are you saying you've heard rumours about Burke's job? I ask because i have heard nothing.

I've read rumours to that effect. I've also heard it mentioned in the mainstream media from time to time, as speculation. Personally, the writing is on the wall IMO. 5 failed seasons out of 5 years, especially when choosing not to follow a traditional rebuild strategy, will be pretty hard to justify with new management. They perhaps want their own guy as well.

My point before was i find it odd that most keep saying "if Burke won't payup...we'll just trade him to FLA". I guess i'm just wondering why it is assumed that FLA will trade for him. I get they had a meeting, but it seems most of the FLA talk stopped after that. It is possible that Tallon explained to Luongo that the direction they are taking with the team doesn't include him.

Tallon also said he's waiting for Gillis to phone him... For Tallon to even go to his own management to clear the contract, go ahead with the in person meeting, and even begin to talk shop when he has Markstrom in the pipeline, tells me what I need to know of his interest = it's there. Without a doubt. The level? Unsure. Time will tell. But he has in no way closed the door IMO.

Also, to the point of "direction". I doubt Tallon is foolish enough to think this. Any time a team's direction does not include adding an elite talent, at any position, they need to re-evaluate _fast_. It's not logical.

Finally, the FLA talk recently has died down because of the CBA and the two latest rumours involving EDM and TO. Their need also isn't as great as the two teams either, so there's no incentive to increase their offer, yet. Not until they start losing games. Which is why some VAN fans want Gillis to carry Luongo into the season, at least for 10 games, when team interest will become apparent. Who knows? Maybe at that time Tallon has a change of heart...

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