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Originally Posted by Shaun Bisson View Post
I'm gonna to a bit of a reply all to the Anthony DeAngelo talk on here and present my opinion on the situation.

Before I do that, hey Youngblood. At the games this weekend? I'm trying to procure a press pass for them.

Okay, now to DeAngelo.

Kid is wickedly talented, and moves the puck like no one else. The ease with which he skates blows my mind. He has plenty of upside but there is a point at which you need to draw the line, especially with the attitude he has displayed and the defensive liability he has become on the team.

I don't mind him rushing the puck, but he doesn't know when to pick and choose his spots. I feel like DeAngelo believes that anytime he is on the ice it is acceptable to rush the puck, and in the games of Sarnia's that I've watched this year he's sometimes rushed the puck multiple times a shift. When that happens he rarely shows heart in getting back and often just loafs around out there.

Along with that, he gets way too mad when his rushes don't work and I've watched him break sticks, slam doors, and scream incessantly way too many times. Last weekend on the Sunday he took two 10min misconduct penalties because of these little temper tantrums and I feel as if that game is a microcosm of DeAngelo's season. He can create magic, but he often becomes a liability because of his selfishness and his attitude is a negative thing in the dressing room.

One of my sources believes that Jacques won't trade him because he is the one who drafted DeAngelo and that Jacques is a believer in his talent rather than the potential downside of him. At this point I feel like DeAngelo's days are numbered with the Sting, especially if he keeps showing up and playing the way he has been lately. But that is just a personal opinion.I'm not a fan of his and he hasn't done anything to convince me otherwise.
Shaun, great post, I couldn't of said it better myself.

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