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Originally Posted by SUBdrewgANS View Post
I started off pretty strong.. but the sim before and this sim killed me.. and now I am almost a .500 club again.. frustrating to say the least.. and not to mention I lost 1-0 to Anaheim's CPU last night.. I hate playing the CPU.. I had far more shots and had a massive advantage in TOA and they score on a soft wrister from the top of the circle.

Someone said it best in the either this thread or the Sitwell thread.. this game does not reward you for good play.

Though probable my D in sims now will be pretty hard to beat
(Human Vs. Human though maybe not)

Staal 85 - Doughty 88
Martinez 86 - Greene 82
Hickey 81 - Stuart 81
"This game doesn't reward you for good play" is absolutely wrong. Literally all of my offense comes from moving the puck around in the zone a la cycling. You get rewarded defensively (generally) for solid position, I would cite NJ and TB as the best examples of this based off who I've played.

I dunno, I think a common misconception based on a few people posting in here and Sitwell is that if you have more shots or higher TOA then you deserve the win, simply not the case imo. Anyone can move the puck around in the attacking zone or pile on the shots, that doesn't mean you "outplayed" the opposition. Just my opinion. I don't generally look at the numbers at the end of the game to judge whether I was outplayed or I outplayed them, I can tell that from the flow of the game.

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