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12-14-2012, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by LEAFANFORLIFE23 View Post
I think burke is safe right now and there are a couple reasons for that.

1 While I admit that burkes tenure has had it's share of rough patches I'd like to point out that MLSE gave the raptors GM a 2 year extension and his results haven't been much better. I see no reason to extend 1 and not the other.

2 Brian burke gave the coach a long term deal generally if your job is in danger that doesn't happen .

3. It took a LONG time but I see a team that is now just a couple peices away from being very good they went from old and slow to young and fast if burke adds luongo as many suspect he will this team if it can maintain the top 10 offense it had last year will win a lot of games.

4. The Leafs have millions coming off the cap at seasons end and that is WITH luongo .
Burke has the Leafs in a very strong cap position IMO he will get the chance to use that money

1. Extending one GM only to find out it was a mistake is every reason to resist extending the other. Unless it doesn't matter if a GM passes/fails to MLSE? In which case Burke has a lifetime job as TO's GM - We all know better.

2. Irrelevant. Burke also didn't fire Wilson until well past his due date. He can only operate his business as a "going concern" because that's what he should be doing. The firing is out of his hands, so to speak.

3. Agreed, but that's _if_ they get Luongo and make that push.

4. Nonis had millions coming off the books before he was canned here in VAN. Many people, including myself, were incensed. He was just about to put his stamp on the team and he was shown the door for a complete unknown. Losing meant his job wasn't safe - It's the same here.

In the end, if TO turns in another non-playoff season and Burke is not fired, I would be shocked. 5 failures in 5 years and he retains perhaps the best GMing post in the NHL - it just doesn't add up.

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