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12-14-2012, 08:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary83 View Post
"This game doesn't reward you for good play" is absolutely wrong. Literally all of my offense comes from moving the puck around in the zone a la cycling. You get rewarded defensively (generally) for solid position, I would cite NJ and TB as the best examples of this based off who I've played.

I dunno, I think a common misconception based on a few people posting in here and Sitwell is that if you have more shots or higher TOA then you deserve the win, simply not the case imo. Anyone can move the puck around in the attacking zone or pile on the shots, that doesn't mean you "outplayed" the opposition. Just my opinion. I don't generally look at the numbers at the end of the game to judge whether I was outplayed or I outplayed them, I can tell that from the flow of the game.
there are certainly games where I am cycling in the offensive zone, but the other team plays great defense and I cant get anything open for a shot.. though those are not the games I am talking about.. There are games I get multiple great chances off of the cycle and the goalies make unreal saves, or my aim all of a sudden becomes ****, I hold the aim stick for a particular shot in any other game and it's on net, I use the same position and the same shot in another game and it misses completely. I know the difference about having more TOA but still being out played and having more TOA and outplaying the opponent.

Nashville was a good example, in our last game I had more TOA, but couldn't get a shot off and ended up losing 3-1, I was outplayed defensively in that game.

But last night I outplayed the CPU, had shots dead in the slot, missed them all wide, when normally they're on net in any other game.. I had shots from all over too.. from the point, from down low, the slot, the halfboards, and right outside the crease, Hiller stood on his head.

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