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12-14-2012, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by FunkyColdHrdina View Post
I haven't gotten Omega, but Leviathen is worth it IMO, solid 3-5 hours
Originally Posted by Zih View Post
From Ashes is ok. The new character is kind of interesting and the assault rifle is pretty good. It only adds one new mission though.

Leviathan is more about interesting locations and background/lore on the Reapers. I think it's regarded as pretty good.

Omega is not well regarded. It's basically all combat and adds very little to the story, and is $15.
Thanks guys. I'm landing back home tonight and thinking about a mass effect weekend so I'm going to probably buy/download the both of them this afternoon. I was mostly thinking about from ashes as I was curious about the protheons (sp?) but I will look at Leviathan too; I love the cool locations in this game so another one or 2 would be nice. I think I am early enough in game that I wont need to restart or that if I do I haven't lost much.

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