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12-14-2012, 08:49 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Honestly, I have not played hockey at a senior level, but it seems to me that the fact each team in our division can beat the **** out of our team bodes badly for the future. It can't possibly be a positive environment to play in.

People saying "just make up for it by beating them on the scoreboard" remind me of school principals who say "just ignore it" to kids being bullied and harassed. It's advice that is disconnected from reality.

We're actually weaker than last year. At least Hal Gill could neutralize opposing monsters by hugging them when he was on the ice. Bouillon won't be hugging anybody.

The lack of a senior enforcer is one of the major deficiencies in the team imo.

I hope we never see Desharnais, Gionta, Gallagher, Bouillon and Weber on the ice at the same time.
The Sens?

Bruins I can see, but they are one of the toughest team in the league..

Also really Gill helps us more in the toughness department than Bouillon? Bouillon is probably one of the strongest/toughest pound for pound guys in the league.

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