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12-14-2012, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Odelein24 View Post
I've already had a friend try to convince me that it's "not a big deal to trade Subban" because "he's a locker room cancer AND we have Beaulieu coming up"

Needless to say I don't speak about hockey with him anymore hahaha.

Subban defensive game is just so good, I think he is sooo underrated defensively, I know he makes a few big errors once in a while, but its usually just by him trying to be too aggressive offensively. As someone else said, his 1 on 1 battles are off the chart, and his puck battles along the boards is great, he probably is the best or one of the best in the league in winning puck battles and clearing the puck on pks.

As for Beaulieu, his offesive skills are off the chart, better than Subban's imo (I think Subban is abit overrated offensively). But I don't think Beaulieu will come close to being as good as Subban in his own end. Whenver I watch Beaulieu I see alot of Mike Green, maybe not as good but more aggressive/tougher.

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