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12-14-2012, 10:10 AM
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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
do you really think the nhl and cliff viner are at all interested in how their business model affects the players?seriously? that's the best argument you can come up with?
This is a business board.

I repeat; you claimed earlier that "it's all creative accounting. making the panthers a loss leader. it hasn't even been mentioned here that exaggerating the panthers losses also benefits the organization thru NHL revenue sharing." That speaks directly to incredibly unethical behavior on their part if your claim is true. The net result of that behavior is that the players receive less money at the end of the day because their salaries are tied to a percentage of league HRR. Another result is that the franchise would be essentially stealing revenue sharing money from other league partners; of course you are aware of this because you claimed it to be a "benefit". That isn't a benefit, it is theft/fraud.

Apparently it would surprise you to know that many in the business world value ethical behavior quite highly, near above anything else in fact. So, yeah, I think it to be a rather compelling point actually, given that ethical behavior of counter-parties in business is pretty much vital. Then you said "do you really think the nhl and cliff viner are at all interested in how their business model affects the players?". I would hope they would be as theft is always the less preferable option, and especially when your claims speak to the additional stealing of money from other owners as well.

Leases are designed to be broken, FYI, there is always an out, so I'm not that impressed with your claim that the lease keeps them tied to that market. I won't even address the balance of your post as it amounts to little more than an emotional plea. Emotions hold no sway in business discussions. The bank doesn't care how many games the team won or lost.

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