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12-14-2012, 09:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Lessy View Post
I haven't seen much of him but I'm very surprised that they'd take 5 lefties and only 1 righty in the top 6 defensemen. I'm assuming that Ryan Murphy will be the 7 though you never know with Spott. Hopefully some of these guys are capable playing their off side because two of them will have to on the regular.
Why are you assuming he'll be 7th? Wotherspoon is the probable 7th defensemen.

Originally Posted by Lessy View Post
The year after in Tavares' rookie year he put up worse numbers as a rookie than RNH did last year. Don't get me wrong I'm an Oilers fan and would prefer Tavares to RNH but I think RNH is a much better player now than Tavares was in this tournament in 09. Tavares had just turned 18 while RNH is almost 20. Not even close who should be the better player.
That's not true. John Tavare's PPG was higher in his sophmore year, and he actually played a full season. Not to mention RNH had much better players to play with. Tavares was better in his second season to RNH, and he was much better last season. I bet the PPG gap would have been larger if RNH didn't miss a game, his games missed were right in the time where most rookies hit the wall. That's what happened to Tavares, three blocks to the season, the first and last were point-per-game, but the middle had very little production.

Besides, that's irrelevant to this tournement. Tavares had the most dominant tournment since the 1990s, probably since Peter Forsberg in 1993. There's a tonne of great players to play since then, it's nothing against RNH if he can't be better than Tavares.

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