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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Are you telling me it isnt true, that they dont have to sacrifice school when playing 70+ games in the Q while riding the bus countless hours per months in a season that goes from September to April (and maybe more with PO and Mem. Cup) ?

I suggest you re-read what you type before submitting your posts. You're proud of your hard work and all but when it comes to hockey players who both play and go to school, you act as if it's something common, as if everybody was doing something similar...

Doing what MANY can do is not an accomplishment.
You are comical. Let me deal with your last "statement" first. "Doing what MANY can do is not an accomplishment". That is your argument, now? Graduating high school=meaningless, I guess. Graduating college=meaningless. Graduating university=meaningless. Working hard throughout your life to achieve your goals=meaningless. All because "MANY" people can do all of those things??? I guess your life is full of failures and you have accomplished nothing. Luckily for you, MANY people (actually MOST) feel that it is quite possible for MANY people to do the same thing and feel it is an accomplishment. I really hope you learn something valuable from this, at least.

Now, I NEVER once said "they don't have to sacrifice school when playing 70+ games in the Q while riding the bus countless hours per months". You keep missing what I am writing even though it is clear as sunlight on a cloudless day. Yes, hockey players can choose to sacrifice their education in favour of playing hockey. There are people who sacrifice playing a sport to pursue an education, too. My point is that sacrificing your education to play a sport does not make you any more special, it does NOT mean you take any MORE risk, than any other person who chooses to go to university (as ONE example) in a specialized field.

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