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Originally Posted by Franck View Post
I was in Copenhagen over the weekend and I talked about hockey for a while with a friend, he said that they had already tried to create a "FCK"-style hockey club in Copenhagen and that it had failed.

Creating a big "superclub" isn't going to change anything if there isn't already an established fan base and media interest in the sport. It's not some magic solution that'll instantly solve all problems.
It's actually a bit more long term what I had in mind. It doesn't have to be a hockey powerhouse internationally right away, but just a modern arena with tons of opportunity to get kids to play.
Hockey is really in a little bit of crises in Copenhagen. Only three teams have pro-teams. Rødovre is 6'th, Herlev 7'th and Copenhagen (Hvidovre) is 9'th out of the 9 pro teams in Denmark.
Rungsted went bankrupt and only have an amateur team. Gentofte once had pro-hockey, but is only amateur. Gladsaxe, KSF, Amager also only amateur.

Having a strong central Copenhagen team could build a new fan basis. Like FC Copenhagen in football that is from 1993 or the now bankrupt shortlived handballclub AG Copenhagen that still played for over 20.000 people against Barcelona. Their bankrupcy was financial mismanagement...not lack of spectators.
Off course hockey wont get so many spectators as football or handball but if it's an FC Copenhagen equivalent I'm sure it would be possible to get a solid fan basis fairly fast. The financial crises just put any such ideas on hold.
Actually you could spice it with some "Øresund tornament" where you invite Malmö and/or Rögle that could get something established.

Conclusion: More kids to play...and more parents and friends will also go to see them. Then the puck is sliding.

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