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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
The only non Penguin/Hab jersey I currently own is a Forsberg Avalanche Jersey. That being said, while he is the player I always patterned my game around he simply was not as good as Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin at their highest level.

Forsbergs career high is 30 goals. He also couldn't stay healthy. He was a playoff warrior and is remembered greatly for that. That tends to scew his actual value. In his own era Jagr, Mario and Federov played at elite all time levels above him. He was consistenly outproduced by his teammate, Joe Sakic.

Forsberg is one of the most unique and awesome players in NHL history, and I'll agree he affected the game in many ways besides the scoresheet. However, Ovechkin netting goals, Crosby dominating in all facets of the game (mini-forsberg) while putting up the points and Malkin controlling the entire flow of a game are all better than Forsbergs game at their highest levels.

That isn't taking anything away from Peter the Great.
What are you talking about he was "constantly outscored by Sakic"? They traded the lead in PPG and Forsberg was better defensively, although maybe not by a considerable margin. Sakic may have had the better career but that is only when ignoring the many games Peter missed.
Malkin is at least thus far NOT head and shoulders above Forsberg offensively, just being able to play more games per season and Peter was a more complete player. Lets not forget that Jagr and Hasek was ever present stealing trophies away, partly due to games played.
For sure Ovechkin due to his many goals at times was better offensively than Forsberg, but not near him defensively or in the clutch.
Crosby as i said has during the upcoming years every opportunity to separate himself from Foppa and in fact was better then him the last couple of years.

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