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Originally Posted by Drizzt1 View Post
All I know, is that in the past 4 years, we have come 28th, 12th, 29th & 20th, and that doesn't bode well with me, especially considering the teams current salary provisioning.

Whether it be coaching, drafting, trade, injury,'s just not good enough. I think it's a mixture of all of the above. The biggest concern for me in all of that though, is the acceptance level by everyone involved with Avs, and the support of it all.

It's almost become far too against the grain to critique the current situation, because "every" club just has to go through a "rebuild", which I think is laughable.

My opinion is that if Pracey drafted Ovechkin, Crosby, Malkin, Giroux etc etc etc and we continued to come in the bottom 10% of the league, he, along with the other staff at Pepsi Center just ain't cutting the mustard.

Now, as a point of "difference", I love listening to Peter Forsberg's commentary about the mentality of the team / players / coaches when HE was playing consistently with us. Gives me goose bumps ! (I also love the reaction of fans to when Kroenke is mentioned)
I think it has more to do with your understanding of the game of hockey than anything else.

Oh yeah, and our blind optimism isn't shared by fans of other teams at all on this teams' future :

You want to talk about our glory years, with Hall-of-Famers like Roy, Bourque, Sakic and eventually Forsberg (and possibly even Blake & Foote), ask yourself why those teams actually UNDERACHIEVED only winning 2 Stanley Cups when they SHOULD have won 4 or even 5 during that span.

You can't compare our current team to those teams, it's ridiculous. First of all the salary cap (and floor) has leveled the playing field, so 4-5 hall-of-famers on the same team probably won't happen again, unless they are taking a major discount.

At minimum, you need to be able to appreciate our current team for what they currently are: a team comprised of a very good core of young players, who are only going to get better. You need to compare them to the rest of the 2012-13 NHL, not to the 1995-2003 Avalanche.

Most of the Avs fans on here 'get it' well as fans of OTHER TEAMS who voted the Avs by more than 50 votes (I'd love to believe that it's all Avs fans voting here, but we just don't have that many supporters) so what exactly is it that you can't grasp??

Show me one team that has never rebuilt or gone through lean years before rising up again....just ONE. If you mention the Red Wings than clearly you didn't follow the 1982-1987 piss-poor Wings before they drafted one of the best d-men of all time.

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