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Originally Posted by Richard View Post
The only non Penguin/Hab jersey I currently own is a Forsberg Avalanche Jersey. That being said, while he is the player I always patterned my game around he simply was not as good as Crosby/Malkin/Ovechkin at their highest level.

Forsbergs career high is 30 goals. He also couldn't stay healthy. He was a playoff warrior and is remembered greatly for that. That tends to scew his actual value. In his own era Jagr, Mario and Federov played at elite all time levels above him. He was consistenly outproduced by his teammate, Joe Sakic.

Forsberg is one of the most unique and awesome players in NHL history, and I'll agree he affected the game in many ways besides the scoresheet. However, Ovechkin netting goals, Crosby dominating in all facets of the game (mini-forsberg) while putting up the points and Malkin controlling the entire flow of a game are all better than Forsbergs game at their highest levels.

That isn't taking anything away from Peter the Great.
He was NOT consistently outproduced by Joe Sakic.

1995: Sakic
1996: Sakic
1997: Forsberg
1998: Forsberg
1999: Forsberg
2000: Sakic
2001: Sakic
2003: Forsberg
2004: Sakic

And by now, it should be obvious why Forsberg peaked at 30 goals: He was a much better playmaker than either set of Kamensky/Lemieux or Tanguay/Hejduk. We're talking about a player who set his teammates up at a rate of 60+ assists per 82 games every season - without exception. And if you don't believe he had the talent to score more than that, then you're welcome to explain why his goal-scoring jumped up 20% in the playoffs.

In the playoffs, he was better than Sakic, Jagr, Fedorov, or any other skater we've seen since Gretzky/Lemieux/Messier. In fact, he and Messier have a lot in common: People tend to underrate their seasons on raw numbers because they miss a handful of regular season games every year. But besides when he had to get an emergency operation to remove a spleen so that he wouldn't die, has it ever stopped him from playing when it matters? This is a guy who took two concussions in one month and toughed it out because it was the playoffs.

Crosby, Malkin, and Ovechkin have a good start, but they haven't even played half as many playoff games as Forsberg. And Malkin and Ovechkin already have as many sub-point-per-game seasons as Forsberg did in his career, so let's not count our chickens before they hatch.

I mean, saying that being a great player in the playoffs skews "actual value" is one of the most absurd things I've read on HOH. The playoffs matter more than anything else.

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