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12-14-2012, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by habs03 View Post
Good points

specially with him being one of few 19 year olds playing in the AHL.

Who do you guys think will make it to the NHL first, Bealieau or Tinordi?

IMO it is a lot tougher for defensive d-men to make an impact in the NHL right away vs an offensive D-men, just generally speaking.
Great question. IMO both of the them would benefit from staying in the A for a full season at a minimum. In general, I'd be more worried about rushing a guy like Tinordi than a guy like Beaulieu. As you say, offensive D often peak fairly young (for D) in terms of stats anyway compared to defensive D. A guy like Tinordi in particular you want to be a physical force, so it's worth waiting for him to grow into his body and get used to dominating physically in the A before guys start running him in the NHL. In the Habs case, though, they're desperate for what Tinordi brings and given his surprisingly consistent play (for a rookie) so far this year, they may be tempted to bring him up sooner than they might otherwise. Really, they're both guys who I think cry out for organizational patience. Rushing prospects is perhaps the most obviously stupid mistake an org can make, and yet some teams just keep on doing it. Hope MB isn't tempted to take that route.

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