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Originally Posted by hockey jockey View Post

I have to agree with you on Landry. He is on a team that consists of about 2 lines and 3 Defense (Warmen, Arseneau and Francis) and his shot totals are crazy. I don't think that Galloway was sent to Midget minor so he could get more icetime. Why would you do that to a top notch goaltender in his draft year, doesn't make any sense. It was a huge mistake plain and simple. He may get looked at in Midget minor because his name has been tossed around for quite a while. Otherwise nobody wants to watch a league which is a step down from High School in my opinion.

Collette 9-1 1.44 gaa 9.49 save % 582 min 14 goals against 2 shutouts
Landry 5-5 3.36 gaa 9.11 save % 731 min 41 goals against 0 shutouts

Yes Moncton has a better team but numbers don't lie. Save percentage a huge stat for a goalie. Collette the better goalie. Collette a year older yes. Have watched landry for the last few years and has played for a bad team but even goalies that play for a bad team can have good numbers. Not denying that Landry is a very good goalie but Collette definitely the better goalie overall.

As for Galloway being in Minor and Max Landry in Major, Max Landry was the better goalie in training camp and I know for a fact that the coaches interview every player one on one and maybe that had somethign to do with it too. Galloway struggled in training camp and the coaches had to make a choice. Landry not doing so bad in Major.. I also don't think Galloway would have been happy sitting on the bench for most games either..

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