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12-14-2012, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by KnightRanger View Post
Rangers win one game last night withour their so called stars and now everyone wants to go for it? To me it further drills home that they need to sell. They won last night because their compete level was raised 100% from where it has been! These young guys are working their butts off to try and keep a spot in the line up and the results showed last night! If we could get that work ethic out of the STARS then we would be in a good situation, but I don't see it. Move them for good young talent, play the young the guys and let them mature and restock the cupboards to make a serious run in a couple of years. The time to make the moves to try and go for it all is not when their are several teams already way ahead of you with more to offer on the trade market to get even better. It's been a while since their has been this many teams in contention giving the sellers several options to make moves.

If they do go for it, I'll cheer them on, but don't think I bother following them for the next 3 seasons!!!
You're not being realistic. Spott won't sell this year. He knows the Rangers are mere pieces away from the teams "ahead" of them, even if he has minimal assets, which is why I brought up Palazzese.

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