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12-14-2012, 10:44 AM
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Originally Posted by zeus3007 View Post
Pheonix has no legitimate number one scoring center. Hanzal is great at what he does, but he`s not a number one center on any other team. Basically, you`re only argument is whether or not he`s better than Coutourier, and at this point he`s proven more, but most teams would probably give the younger player with more offensive upside the better offensive time, and would give the more reliable defensive player the shut down, own zone time. So I don`t see how having Hanzal as the Oilers 3rd line center is so ridiculous.
I agree that Hanzal being a third center on some others teams isn't so ridiculous, and most other teams he wouldn't be more than a second right now, and thats really why any proposal involving him on these boards tend to go downhill real quick. Other teams/fans want to give up second/third line value for OUR top line center, so it simply will never work. Given our system, how effective Hanzal is in shutting down the top centers in our division, our lack of a true top line center and lack of any real depth at the position to speak of, trading Hanzal is tantamount to suicide if we aren't getting back what other teams would, rightfully from their standpoint of how their going to use Hanzal, consider massive overpayment based on how we have to use him.

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