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Originally Posted by OpAck View Post
My Google Chrome Translate works kinda well. And oh really tears into Rick.

SC Riessersee sounds like the Germany's version of the Islanders franchise. Seriously, it's eery. They won their last two championships in 1978 and 1981...then the team fell deeply into debt and have been in a state of chaos ever since. Extremely bare bones payroll, poor performance on the ice and just a mess off the ice for years. The "CEO" and Manager is Ralph Bader...who was a longtime fan of the team with very little experience running a sports franchise (ring a bell?). And he's not like the other CEO/managers around the league...who are largely "suit and tie investment bankers". Kinda unconventional.

Rick apparently was ACTIVELY searching for work during the lockout, enough that he actually paid his way to Germany. It sounds like Bader was expecting an "elite, All-Star" goalie...obviously not doing his homework, though I think they mention that he's aware of Rick's performance (or lack thereof) the past 4 seasons. He mentions that the coach told him he was already set in goal, but Bader couldn't pass up the opportunity...figuring that this cash-strapped team could attract some sponsors. That obviously didn't happen. Rick gets there and as mentioned, is abysmal in practice. They mention his wrecked hip and knees and that Rick probably can't remember his last pain-free day. And now this mediocre team is scoring left and right on this $67M guy.

It ends with Bader suggesting that maybe Rick would be better suited sponsoring the team, and not playing for them. The coach is now pretty clear that he doesn't want him...and with the team 5-14-2-2, the fans are chanting for some other goalie (I guess the other backup is no good either). They mention Bader staring Rick down as he came off the ice and I think Rick smashed his stick in disgust.

In other words...a BIG mess.
I don't get it. If Ricky has only played one game why are the fans chanting for another goalie? Has he been playing this whole time? I'm confused.

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