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12-14-2012, 12:34 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
I have not commented on the new GM but you have underscored a couple of items that have me concerned and should have every Eskimo fan concerned.

First and foremost the 2 men that were the leading candidates for the GM job were Hervey and Reed. Both men are inexperienced so clearly experience was not a requirement in terms of Rhodes' shortlist. So we have a man in Rhodes with little to no experience (in terms of football) narrowing his search for a GM to run the team down to 2 men with no experience simply because he likes them as people.
Rhodes may not run the football side of things (as you alluded to) but he has more impact on the football side of things than anyone else because this man with no football experience is the most influential factor in hiring the GM.

So in a nutshell we have a man with little to no clue about what it takes to make a football team successful being responsible to hire the person that will ultimately decide everything about what the team will look like on the field.

There is no experience from the top down and somehow this part of a recipe for success?


The question needs to be is it that a man (Rhodes)with absolutely no experience running a football team...a man who will impact this organization more than any other person was chosen to be in charge of the direction this football team takes?
How was this inexplicable decision made?

In all honesty I had to wait until some time had passed after the press conference to comment on this hiring. Len (come closer so I can blow smoke up you ass) Rhodes was painful to listen to.
The CHED crew was no better.

So now we hope for the best because hope is really all there is to hang on to at this point.
On the bolded part, now this may scare you even more but it wasn't just Rhodes who hired Hervey. The board was involved in this decision. (Don't shoot the messenger.)

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