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12-14-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by rajuabju View Post
Hickey hasnt seen any NHL action because he isnt good enough to see NHL action. There's a reason we've called up other D instead of him. Even when we traded Johnson away, instead of even giving Hickey a remote shot, we went with Martinez.

Hickey may get his chance at some point. But I am willing to bet his ultimate career will never justify his selection at #4, nor will his career be with the Kings organization.

If we could get a 2nd for him, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Even a 3rd would be enough. We have other D in our system like Forbort, Deslaurius, Muzzin, who I am more optimistic about.

IMO, the Kings need to "thin out" their mid-level prospect pool and get more picks. Because our NHL team is set, with many of the key pieces signed long-term. So available roster spots over the next few years will be limited, and those limited spots will be filled by either FA signings, trades, or our top-tier prospects.

So any prospect stuck in our lower rungs that has value but is unlikely to see NHL time with us should be moved for future picks to help restock our pool at the right time.

I disagree the only reason hes not in the nhl is drew slava and alec are better options as our 3 offensive defenseman. As i pointed out before he was the last person cut at the last couple of training camps. Does that mean hes not a nhl defenseman no all it means is he wasnt good enuff to make the kings. I am still willing to bet if there a season this year he would get a shot. I would also bet with alec injuryed right now he would have been called up to replace him. Last year the kings enjoyed realtively a healthy season by all defenseman something that can change at any moment. I will agree that maybe he isn't going to be a lifetime king but nor should we give him away for next to nothing A second is a fair value for a defenseman with his upside.

As for ur thining out of propects i can see moving some of the defenseman since he have alot of ready ones but the chance of injury forces me to say be careful on how many you move. I also disagree with your mid level propects evaluation i feel we have alot of nhl players in our mist and our system is amoungest the best in the league. We shouldnt just trade them to trade them. we need to keep getting peices to replace others as needed. I favour leaving a roster spot or two for rookies to prove they can play in the nhl so then you can max out there value in trades so this "bust" situation doesnt occur again.

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