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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
I think I get it. The problem seems to lie in how the cap hit is calculated, not the actual yearly variance.

If they want to truly address cap circumvention, the NHL should make the actual yearly salary paid the cap hit for that season. Obviously, they'd have to re-structure some existing contracts to make that work. But it would be a win-win for everyone involved, possibly more for the players.

- The star players (with 5/7 year contract limits) make more money and can capture the benefits of revenue growth in their 2nd/3rd contracts, rather than signing one 10-15 year deal which doesn't allow for that.

- The rank and file players would benefit in two ways. It would reduce the likelihood that the players' share would exceed (50%) of HRR because front-loaded deals would no longer exist - the cap hit couldn't be less than actual salary paid out. It would also mean that when these players are earning $1 million at the end of their long term deal (with a $7 million cap hit) that cap space is freed up for everyone else.

I have a massive headache - so does this make sense or am I completely out to lunch?
I think many here have made that suggestion and I think some have explained why that wouldn't work but I wouldn't mind seeing them adopt that method either. That way neither side can cheat. However, I think the players would be more opposed to this than some owners. The players are already complaining that a caphit with a limited term and variance in place would increase for star players leaving less money for the middle players. At least with variance, you can get a caphit that is lesser than the highest salary paid throughout the term of the contract. With the method proposed, the caphit will undoubtedly be higher in any given year and would affect other players during that time frame of when the highest salaries are being paid out. Crosby would have a caphit of 12M for 6 years straight before it fell to 9M and even that is higher than what his current caphit is. That would actually mean even less money for the middle players.

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