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12-14-2012, 12:21 PM
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1. Q and Bowman's firing when the team gets off to a poor start,can't recover enough and wobbles to a 10th place finish in the Conference...

2. The press conference EXCUSES after EDM blasts the Hawks 12-3 (after all --in those 9-2 and 8-4 drubbings they gave us on those 2 nightsd of infamy (Nov 19th and Feb 2nd last season) they DID NOT EVEN HAVE the "difference-maker" that they will to put them into super-team status--THIS season-iF it resumes-they of course will have that weapon --yes,the SCHULTZ IS WITH THEM --and so NOW --what chance do we have when they willbe even more dagerous ? MAYBE 12 goals against a bunch who keep taking time "OFF" under the lazy laissez-faire of Q (he has his Cup,his legend is made,WHY bother cracking the whip?) --is too low a score to anticipate against ius IF we resort agaoin to not bother competing hard on every single shift -and EVEN if we do that --well Crawford is still a mediocrity in goal at best ...

3. Patrick Kane not providing a rebound season (even if such a short season) -I mean--sure he's slightly over a point a game guy-IN THE SWISS LEAGUE--- but to expect that ever again from him IN THE NHL now seems like a stretch ... And that -4 he has over there is indicative that STILL he's trending again to no bargain (for what he is paid) in NET POSITIVE ES play....put it this way--MAYBe he can again be near a point a game guy IF he just forgets about defense --but IF Q is going to expect him to be defensively resposible and not "cheat" --then I am skeptical he can ever get back near a point a gamepace let alone better that --in theNHL..

4. The trade of NICK LEDDY --but they shoulda done it last year before his value plumeted...

5. Hawks drafting 11th overall --maybe package players/prospects with this pick and move up?

Sorry to hit with these negative vibes but come on --do you really think we will win with Car-bomb Carcillo,near the end Mayers,a mediocre goalie,and an underachieving Kane or a padding the stats cheating Kane neglecting the defensive asoects--ie, a with a flawed "star" (certainly no super star) taking up space on the team?
And with a Keith nowhere near replicating his great Cup Year season --again?

Call me skeptical.

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