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12-14-2012, 12:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Cogburn View Post
Just two small problems: The "what would you trade for Kovalchuk" thread is based on the premise that they can't afford his salary/contract. Taking Booth, Ballard and even Schneider is about even with what Kovalchuk and Tallinder make.
When they (in this scenario) acquire David Booth, Keith Ballard and Cory Schneider the total owed to those three players is $26.15m over two seasons.

Kovalchuk alone is owed $22.6m over those same two seasons, with Henrik Tallinder's $3.5m bringing the Devils cap commitments up to the same level as the three Canucks'.

So they are getting three players over two years for the cost of one player for one year and another player for two. Nevermind the three more years at $10m or more for Kovalchuk, plus another at $7m, another at $4m, etc.

The deal would solve their impending goaltending problem and would remove a colossal financial liability from a franchise that is strapped for cash.

Second is why trade Burrows? Burrows for Mattias and Petrovic? We get screwed. If we're dumping cap, have them keep Mattias, sub in Mallet in his spot and bring up another cheap prospect/winger (ie Rodin on call ups) and see if someone will take Tallinder for a Petrovic-calibre defender at that cap hit. Jensen can spend another year developing unless he blows us away. -Mattias, -Tallinder, -Jensen and +minimum wage winger, and we can keep Burrows. I view Burrows as invaluable.
Burrows is dumped for cap space, with four high end forwards he is less needed and his $4.5m goes to keep a modicum of depth on the roster (Higgins, Lapierre).

You can dump Tallinder but any situation in which the Canucks defense is two injuries away from a player like Frank Corrado being in the top four is asking for disaster.

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