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12-14-2012, 12:33 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
I'm glad for him. Will be fun and be a neat thing to have a hockey memory.

That said, I don't think this will boost him as a starting goalie. What is there, 10 games or so (I'm not overly familiar with the length of the SPengler Cup)? You often see backups get into 10 game stretchs in the NHL when the starter gets hurt, so this is really no different. Those stretches don't really transform anyones opinion of that goalie.

I agree with TG (as usual), Bernier is already a future NHL starter in most GM's eyes, this tournament won't change anyones opinion unless he plays absolutely brutal.
Spengler Cup is 2 games + playoffs (4 of 6 qualify, 1 -2 games played in playoffs) in 5 days (Dec 26-31). It's just 5 club teams (Davos from Swizterland, Ufa from KHL, Mannheim from DEL, Vitkovice from Czech and Fribourg from SWE (not sure if SEL or ALK). Those club teams usually bolster their rosters from around their respective leagues, and Team Canada is usually just Canadians playing overseas with a few AHLers thrown in as well.

I am really really looking forward to the Spengler Cup. On the TSN story they have some of the players expected to play for Canada, not listed are some guys like Simmonds and Giroux who would be eligible as well. And Thornton and Nash will be playing for Davos (whom they are playing for in the Swiss league). It will be a GREAT tournament to watch. I know most Canadians go goo goo ga ga for WJC, but I much prefer the Spengler Cup with professionals, particularly this year with all the NHLers likely to be involved. It's a great tournament, with an unreal atmosphere, the support that Davos team gets is amazing (they host it every year). The final last year looked and sounded like a SC Final game...

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