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Originally Posted by Stix and Stones View Post
Hockey would do fine if it was just left up to the free market. If owners had to build their own arenas they would have less cash to pay players and yes hockey would still exist. It would even be more stable since an owner wouldn't be threatening to move if he built the place. Unlike what happens every year now, wah wah I need a better arena or I'm moving. If there was no rev sharing, teams would gravitate to places that were profitable. All the outside interference to grow the sport is the cause of the problem. Fans say the players at onetime received 75% of the hockey revenue. Well it survived without lockouts or strikes even when players made 75% of the cash and owners still built their own arenas.
Of course teams could do well if left to the free market if you eliminate arbitration. that forced teams to play players certain amounts of salary. The AHL exists so there is hockey outside of the nhl in this country. Also ECHL. I don't know if ECHL does as well as AHL but it exists.

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