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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post

When Canada's best went up against Russia's best at the 2010 Olympics, the Russian team was run out of the building. It wasn't close, and I can't justify any other country ahead of Canada.
No doubt that this is a really dumb thread. No doubt this is a troll thread, protestations to the contrary. I'm a Russian fan, but there is no evidence whatsoever to support the proposition that Russia is currently #1. But it really seems moronic to keep bringing up that one single solitary unique only game in Vancouver, 2010. Yes, Canada won 7-3, thanks to an emotional effort spurred on by the flag-waving crowd, and, from the perspective of Russians, a supreme let-down of his team by Nabokov in goal. But it was just one game, and in other games, Canada was lucky to squeak by Slovakia and the United States. If the '72 series was just one game, then Russia's 7-3 victory, by Canadian standards, would have earned them the crown as hockey's superior nation. This same argument, repeated ad nauseum, is not subtlely ******** - it is blatantly, in your face ********.

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