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12-14-2012, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
I don't see Phoenix as a failure unless you go by gate receipts alone. There are youth hockey leagues there that are largely because of the Coyotes. Growing new fans is always worth more than catering to existing ones. Having additional teams in canada doesnt create any new fans, it stagnates the growth of the sport. With the sport ranking a very very distant 4th in popularity there certainly is a lot of room for growth. Even the NFL is still looking to grow the sport by considering London as an option, the idea that the NHL is going to call it a day with its current pathetic 4th ranking is just laughable.

How much money Phoenix or any of the expanded markets lose is sort of irrelevant to me and somewhat silly when people bring it up. Those franchises arent and shouldnt be judged by how much money they bring in now, it's how much they'll bring into the league in the future. TV deals are where the money is at with professional sports, not gate receipts. The more eyeballs watching the product in large markets leads to a larger TV deal.

People are so short-sighted. Although I am not sure Phoenix can survive a mediocre team, and a porely sited Arena.... They will need the city to bend over on the Arena, and some good management and player procurement to save that team.

What a shame Atlanta was so poorly run. Could have been a goldmine....

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