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12-14-2012, 01:13 PM
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Hey guys, im not new to hockey at all but I have a very good friend who is and I thought I would share his story.

Last year over the winter break I would go down the the frozen pond near his house to play hockey, he had skates so he would tag along while the rest of us had some scrimmages. After a couple times of doing this he asked me to teach him how to play so that he could join in the games with the guys.
So over the next couple of weeks we would go out together and practice for hours down on the pond and he really fell in love with the game. Eventually he started coming out to a three on three skate I go to with my dad, there is a pretty big range of skill levels there so we would put the higher levels against the higher levels and the newer skaters and older guys against each other.
Now its about a year later and I came home from university, my friend wanted to go skating so we went down the the local rink and skated around for a few hours, he told me how he has been skating everyday since the rink opened (its outdoors) and he wanted to go to three on three with me again.
He played awesome, no goals but he was skating his butt off, winning puck battles and after every shift he would come off the ice and tell me exactly what he did that shift and pointed out were he was trying to improve.
It put a really big smile on my face for him to get so into hockey and from the other stories here its just so nice to see people falling in love with the game and really having fun learning it. Have a great days everyone.

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