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12-14-2012, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Cocoa Crisp View Post
The main thing the PA has to avoid in the next go-around is a unilateral decision by the league to lockout the players at the expiration of the CBA. Instead, have the league put it's leverage on the line in return for fulfilling the purported objectives they wish to accomplish: economic viability and competitive parity.

For example, there could be agreed upon objective monetary and growth targets determined and regularly reported by an outside body that decides whether the CBA is working or not. Should those targets be met, there must be assent by both parties before the CBA can be dissolved outright otherwise both parties are forced to continue negotiations. It would effectively prevent the league from instituting a lockout at predetermined date as a matter of course.

It accomplishes three things: it brings a certain degree of transparency to the process, it forces both parties to negotiate based on well-defined metrics, and it takes the biggest stick out of the hands of the owners unless its justifiable.

My two cents.

That's a great idea, but the owners would never agree to it. Why would they? Right now, with every successive CBA "negotiation" they've taken more and more away from the players. They are already recognized to be winners here. Why would they risk losing that leverage? When they can again pound the players for more concessions under the current standard?

I think it's a solid idea, but idealistic. The only way to ensure that the owners don't continually use their considerable leverage is to decertify early as a matter of course. Have all your ducks in order. Understand the process in the courts intimately, and be prepared to operate under that context. That's the only way IMO.

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