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12-14-2012, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by YARR123 View Post
RNH vs Yakupov is debatable imo, how ever blasphemous that might sound to some people. They're the same age, both are 1st overall picks, RNH has had the chance to play in the NHL, Yakupov has not. Nobody has seen them play against each other or against same players this year.

Also woudn't Strome be playing in the AHL?

What I've heard, Grigorenko vs Huberdeau isn't that clear cut either.

I'm not saying you're wrong with your comparisons, I'm just questioning your assumptions.
I'm an Oilers fan and at this point it isn't really close between RNH and Yakupov. RNH was near a PPG in the NHL last year as an 18-year-old. He's a first line centre in the best league in the world. He is head and shoulders above everyone in this tournament. I think Yakupov is the second best player in the tournament but he's a step below RNH and half a year younger which however miniscule it may sound does make a difference at this level. I'm sure the Islanders would love for Strome to be playing in the AHL but that isn't possible at his age so he's stuck being a man amongst boys in the OHL. I think Huberdeau is a much better player than Grigorenko at this point as well and there's also the 19-year-old factor as well.

I think the Russians are a very dangerous and talented team and if they can find chemistry look out. I also think that on paper in the lockout year it's Canada and then everyone else - people are going to be all over me for saying that but we'll see how it plays out.

Since 05 (anomaly) Canada has been easily the best team in this tournament. There have been close games and Canada obviously hasn't won gold every year but they've been the best since the last lockout without question. The medal count speaks for that. Every one of these years Canada has been missing multiple players and more than any other country to the best league in the world. This year would have been no different.

I don't want to be the cocky Canadian guy and truth be told in a single elimination tournament anything can happen. Let's just say there's a reason why Canada has to send provincial entries into tournaments not affected by the NHL.

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