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12-14-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Reiher View Post
While in principle this is true, the only thing I'll say is that if you attribute risk to the likelihood of success, then I think we can agree that there is more risk in trying to get to the NHL than there is to become a doctor, lawyer, engineer...ect. I only say this because the ultimate goal of becoming an NHLer offers less opportunity of success against the opportunity to get to be a professional in another field, and so the risk of failure to becoming an NHLer is higher, right?
The odds are different for each and every player. Take McDavid, a 15 year old, he has better odds to make the NHL then he does to become a doctor.

I would say as a rule of thumb that by the time a player is drafted by the CHL, he has a good idea if he has the potential to play in the NHL or not and if the potential isn't there by then, then the odds go way, way down.

Same thing with becoming a doctor or engineer. If you're good at doing well at school, well enough to be admitted to the university major of you're choice, the odds are pretty good of you being able to successfully complete the course, as long as you have the means and the desire to see it through. Friends of mine went to university when they were 15, so if a 15 year can do that, how hard can it be?

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