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12-14-2012, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by colchar View Post
Actually it makes perfect sense.

If they had only lost say twenty games they would have just picked right up where they were.
Um, no.

Even IF by some miraculous occurrence, the date of the start of the season happened on a day when EXACTLY twenty games had been cancelled for ALL THIRTY TEAMS (which would never happen, as teams play different numbers of games in the same stretch all the time), you STILL would have to completely re-do the schedule because not every team would have lost 10 home games and 10 road games. Some would have lost 7 home and 13 road, some would have lost 14 home and 6 road.

You honestly think that an owner would accept that he gets less ticket revenue than his fellow owner, because he has fewer home games left in the truncated (not re-done) schedule?


As soon as we went past a single week of game cancellations, there was going to be a re-done, not truncated, schedule. Anyone who doesn't realize that isn't looking at basic math, home/away balance, and calendars.

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