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12-14-2012, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by 99GoHabsGo99 View Post
Updated Theory about it being the wrong person

They aren't correcting it on the news, and I never saw any facebook posts on his page (I've been on it since they released his name). How do we know that ONE picture of his status updates isn't a fake?
How about we verify it before potentially ruining someones life? How about we stop glorifying acts like this? Remember the media went to psychologists after VT and asked 'how can we help stop these?' and they told them flat out; stop glorifying these *******s because if you do, we can expect to see a follow up attack from someone looking for sympathy and attention.

What the **** is with this 'gotcha' journalism? A bunch of kids died. Stop hovering over this like vultures, looking for every tidbit you can sell to the public. Holy ****.

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