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12-14-2012, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by EverettMike View Post
Hey, for everyone eager to go back and spend your hard earned dollars good for you.

Anyone that calls someone a "sheep" for not having the same priorities is being condescending.

They aren't getting my money and that is a personal decision, but I am actually glad for people that don't feel that way. Good for you and enjoy.
You know I would enjoy the B's games more with you attending.

BTW They already have my $$$...

I did not mean you by the way (about the "sheep" thing). Mike, you are such a passionate fan and you made the cup win even more delightful when we saw you at the games and from reading your posts on this board. They should feel shame for turning fans like you off from the games.

I find it very sad that these fools did this to the game we all love. They need a good slap. It is so stupid to have waited so long to start working this out. We all know there will be NHL hockey again. It was just foolish to let it come to this...again.

and this is nothing compared to what I just heard about a shooting at a school in Conn. 30 people killed...18 kids...makes me cry. Good Lord.

Better Luck next year

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