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12-14-2012, 02:08 PM
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Originally Posted by GF View Post
Agreed! He had 18months to buy the damn team. Time is up.

I think at this point, GJ is probably looking for an honourable way to save face. The NHL cancelling the season might be just the ticket. At that point, the NHL would also save face. They could say: we lost the only prospect buyer, CoG no longer can pay to keep the team, we did our best, good bye.

I can't wait to jan 31st to see if I'm right. But I think at this point, GB and GJ are both hoping to get out of this mess without losing face.
I have to agree. If the only thing holding up the deal was the lease then the sale should go through immediately after the ability to challenge the lease by referendum ends. There is no reason JIG could not buy the team immediately after he knows the lease is enforceable upon signing.

Why does he need the extra two weeks? Is it a delay tactic since he doesn't have the ability to close?

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