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12-14-2012, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by McSorleyStick View Post
On HTC One S ?

Love it

I finally rooted and flashed, Im a man now !

Originally Posted by McSorleyStick View Post
Really buttery smooth, plenty of customization options (mix of AOKP, Paranoid and CM).
Im also toying a lot with Google Now
Im also a fan of the stock Lockscreen, and the new notification panel is nice
Google Now gets old quick... lol
Still somewhat useful if you don't feel awkward talking into your phone.

Originally Posted by McSorleyStick View Post
The only thing Im really missing is the Sense camera, best Android camera IMO, but I can live without it (and yes I know there are a few Sense based ROMs outthere, but I like the stock UI)
Agreed. Best Camera Software hands down.

Originally Posted by McSorleyStick View Post
I've noticed 2 little issues though (nothing dramatic):

- I dont see the 4G symbol (3G); does that mean I can connect to 3G only?

- Yesterday before going to bed I let my phone charge overnight; I didn't turn it off (just put it to sleep), but this morning when I woke up the phone was turned off Is it normal? or is it in power saving mode?
Or anti-overheating mode?

Never happened before
Issue 1 - is a non issue as North American Carriers called HSPA+ "4G". Whereas the rest of the world considers it 3G. The One S is only capable of HSPA+ thus 3G.
Speeds should be the same. Do a speedtest to confirm.

Issue 2 - Could be a variety of things to be honest. Try searching XDA of sleep of death. If anything pops up that might be the problem.

I have a friend with a One S running on CM 10, I'll ask him if he had any similar experiences.

Originally Posted by Le Tricolore View Post
If anyone cares, Fido will finally be launching the S3 next week.
You got a specific date? It would be a killer scoop as MobileSyrup doesn't even have a date.

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