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12-10-2003, 10:53 AM
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Seems that there is no fit. Avs players are either too valuable (Tanguay) or not enough for Peca.

He would be a superb pickup for any team (and to characterize him simply as a third line checking center misses the point entirely of his value to a squad), but the match isn't there. Besides, it may be that Wang and Milbury have smartened up and realize that for NYI to do anything this season whatsoever, Peca has to play a significant part. (Hopefully, a few NYI fans will do same, in time.)

Couple of other somewhat related points:The Isles may be looking to lessen payroll, and it seems very unlikely that they would add a cent to payroll. However, personally think it is a bit presumptuous to state as fact that they will be moving salaries out, and even if they do, to what degree remains to be seen. Unfortunately, a few vultures :p here, on behalf of other teams, are spinning that to mean that NYI is going to clean house and trade proven NHL talent for scraps and futures. Wishful thinking.

Why must some people get ahead of themselves? "We know Peter's days are numbered"? Yes, let's write off the Avs best player prematurely, due to injuries and speculation that he may be returning to Sweden.

Finally, Avs are looking for a vet goalie later in the season? Good chance. But it might be instructive for a few folks to pay just a bit notice to what is actually transpiring on the ice - in goal - for Colorado in the meantime. It's only December (not playoff time), but the Avs are doing just fine with Aebischer in net.

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