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Originally Posted by Sined View Post

Google Now gets old quick... lol

Still somewhat useful if you don't feel awkward talking into your phone.

Agreed. Best Camera Software hands down.

Issue 1 - is a non issue as North American Carriers called HSPA+ "4G". Whereas the rest of the world considers it 3G. The One S is only capable of HSPA+ thus 3G.
Speeds should be the same. Do a speedtest to confirm.

Issue 2 - Could be a variety of things to be honest. Try searching XDA of sleep of death. If anything pops up that might be the problem.

I have a friend with a One S running on CM 10, I'll ask him if he had any similar experiences.

Hey no! Google Now is great! dont ruin the whole experience for me !!!
Nah I agree its not Earth shattering but still nice

So the One S is 3G capable only?
The 4G logo on stock ROM is a lie ?
**** them carriers
but yeah I'll run a speedtest one day

But I also found this in XDA/One S :
You should see it say 3g when data isn't active, and H+ (which is 4g) when it is active. I'm on Fido in Victoria.

Regarding the SOD, yeah I heard about it; I will keep digging.

And thanks in advance for asking your friend

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