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12-14-2012, 02:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Cocoa Crisp View Post
I'm not sure that they would reject it outright. It would really depend on what the metrics are and how they would be evaluated because at the end of the day they really do want to see their business model succeed and it's evidenced by their desire to make the next CBA last as long as possible.

Of course what I'm proposing would take literally the entire offseason to sort out, so there goes the season. Although given the call to vote for decertification, it's tough to see how the season could be salvaged at this late stage.

Cocoa, you're proposing that a bunch of cut-throat savages adopt a big picture approach to their business model, when all they've done is scratch and claw for every penny and plunge 10 teams into continual losses because they didn't understand where to expand? I don't see it.

These guys are dregs. The owners will continue to leverage advantage wherever possible and the only thing they understand is open warfare. These guys aren't "partners" in any sense of the word.

As to your idea of immediate decertification upon lockout, it's a risky strategy because the courts could easily reject it outright. If Fehr were really intent on playing hardball, he should have floated the idea of a strike at the beginning of last season and ratcheted up the rhetoric as the playoffs approached in order to precipitate a serious offer from Bettman. That would have short circuited the lockout option altogether.

Yes, strike first, and then shift gears to decertify as a secondary tactic. As long as Fehr does his due diligence by getting the mediators involved and other third party evaluators, he's fine to decertify. It needs to happen - as a point of first resort. Just like how the owners use the lockout.

Play hardball with these guys because they don't understand anything else.

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