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12-14-2012, 02:57 PM
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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
If I read it correctly, what they are putting to vote is if the NHLPA should explore a disclaimer... So, if the NHLPA should press the download link on the PDF Disclaimer of Interest Information package on the website...

Personally, I don't think there is much to be concerned about (as a hockey fan), yet... I think this is actually a good thing, at this point in time. The NHL will bend and give in the final details if a disclaimer become formal and serious, IMO...

With this rumbling, and with the rumbling that Bettman could be close to setting a drop dead date, I think both sides are laying all their cards on the table... Emptying the bullets from their guns... At least, threatening to... Hopefully, the threat is enough to allow enough bending...

I can't see how the NHLPA disappearing (NHLPA bullet), or the season ending (NHL bullet), or a combination of both in a crossfire, is good for either/or side... IMHO, they are threatening to apply the final pressure they have... Threatening the "end game" for both, to squeeze the final pieces - before a deal is reached...

It's about time...

If the players vote that Fehr has the authority to dissolve the NHLPA, then a deal gets done real quick, IMHO... The reported final sticking points are just not worth it... And if Fehr is granted power to do it, I'm not convinced that Fehr wouldn't follow through for whatever personal reason he might have... My prediction is the NHL gives in on the final details before or soon after a pro-"get more info" vote... If the NHL doesn't, it would just be silly... Is the difference in a few years between wanted CBA length, wanted contract length, and buyout particulars really worth the fall out if Fehr has the authority to blow up the union?

*tin foil hat on* I think Fehr may be fully prepared to blow up NHL hockey as a warning to the other leagues, that this is what could happen to you... to get even more favourable pro-player professional CBA's in the future across North American pro sport... The NHL is both big and small enough to be a good target to nuke... I think that Fehr may want to leave this legacy, and he'd sacrifice hockey (being the lesser of the major sports) to achieve it... *tin foil hat off*

I cannot see the NHL allowing this to get that far that Fehr has his finger on the red button... If the NHL does, IMO, the NHL deserves to go to hell...
I'm really curious where this idea that Fehr has some personal vendetta or is a loose cannon ready to blow everything up out of some sense of spite came from? I guess he's supposed to just cave in to Bettman and the owners when things get difficult? I'm sure the players knew what they were getting when they hired him and thats why they hired him. He's not intimidated by bullying owners and thats what the players were looking for.

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