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12-14-2012, 03:05 PM
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I had forgot that Erie got a new coach recently. Just from watching one game last night, they looked to still be figuring out how to play under him. There were multiple incidents where everyone on the ice besides the center did not know where they were supposed to be on a faceoff. One time specifically they were switching Dman back and forth from the hashmarks to behind the center constantly, causing the center to be kicked out, and they continued to shuffle even after that. Their breakout looked sloppy, players were all over the place and there was no real organization to it. Had Strome, Hamilton, and Ritchie been there yesterday I dont think the game would have been close.

There were many times throughout the night McDavid was short-shifted or sat for extended periods of time. He'll get out of this slump eventually and I think once the whole team adjusts to the new coach he'll start producing again.

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