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12-14-2012, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bozak View Post
Honestly oil fans, don't kid your selves... Hall isn't even close to what Seguin is already. This is based on only one season but last season Seguin just exploded. This is coming from a leaf fan who HATES the entire bruins orginzation and Seguin. I want Seguin to fail... I'm a Kessel fan and that's my reason. I wish the Bruins picked 1st and took Taylor Hall. I honestly don't ever see Hall surpassing Kessel. They might be on the same level one day but really at this point Hall doesn't have the pedigree Seguin does. When Seguin has the puck, i'm legit scared of what he's going to do... Seguin could be a franchise player IMO. Kessel for example is a 1st liner but not a franchise player. Hall COULD and likely will be a 1st liner but in my opinion he will never have what it takes to be a franchise player.
This post is such a fail (and quite ignorant) on so many levels it's not even funny

Hall IS a first-liner for ****'s sake. You say he's never going to surpass Kessel, yet he's much better than Philly boy ever was at the same age. And what is this "pedigree" you speak of that Seguin has to his name exactly... Two Memorial Cup MVPs?

It's pretty damn obvious you did not watch the Oilers much last year... Hall was the most dominant player in most of the games he played. HE is the kind of player who backs up defenders and makes the opposition scared every time he touches the puck.

And the bolded is just LOL worthy. Hall has the better pts/game, goals/game in BOTH of their seasons believe it or not. He also possesses some intangibles that cannot be taught. I don't mind people preferring Seguin over Hall but either way, it's pretty damn close.

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