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12-14-2012, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Agreed...this 'legacy' talk is, for no better words, RIDICULOUS...oh, and completely fabricated.
This "legacy" talk is also good for the players... if the threat of decertification (disclaimer) is all the players are really after (to pressure the owners)... and not actually follow through...

If I was a true player supporter, I'd embrace conspiracy posts such as parts of my last one... not brush them off as ridiculous... It would be better for all hockey stakeholders (fans included) to think that Fehr has it in him to do his part to blow up hockey, and not back down when having a staring match with the owners... especially if the follow through isn't the desired outcome - but rather, getting more out of simply the threat... To make the owners think that they would be wise to stand down - because Fehr doesn't mind if he does hurt hockey for personal reasons...

Do you think the majority of the players truly want to decertify? Why or why not?

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