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12-14-2012, 04:40 PM
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Playing as the Flyers now... in the first year all of our forwards had horrible seasons. Only 25 points for Simmonds, Giroux had less than 60 points IIRC, and no one else did very good. We ended up missing the playoffs. With the 4th overall pick I selected Shinkaruk (60 overall, 4.5 Y) I wanted Drouin but I had trouble moving from 7th to 2nd so I settled for trading for the 4th pick, where Shinkaruk was the BPA.

Here's the lineup I'll be rolling for the 2013-14 season:

Gagne (86, C) - Giroux (89, A) - Eberle (87)
Huberdeau (84) - Schenn (79) - Voracek (83)
Hartnell (83) - Talbot (82) - Simmonds (80)
Fedetenko (77) - Lapierre (77) - Zolnierczyk (77)

Coburn (85) - Ellerby (80)
Timonen (84, A) - Schenn (81)
Meszaros (85) - Gustafsson (78)

Bryz (83)
Hoivenen (I don't know if that's his name, but he's 82)

Names in bold were traded for, and names in italics were free agent signings.
***Also, I wanted to use Couturier as the 2nd line center, but despite playing in that spot last year and having 4.5 yellow stars, he is only 78 overall so I'm playing him in the AHL this year as I want to make the playoffs. It's either top-six or bust for Couturier and right now Schenn is better.

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