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12-14-2012, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by BertCorbeau View Post
From what I've read the shooter was a 24 year old male, and his mother was a teacher at the school. Seems she was the main target in all of this as the reports are showing the shooting took place around 2 classrooms in the school. Given there were 3 guns recovered by the police, it's evident that the shooter had a mass shooting in mind. Also, police discovered the shooter's brother to be dead in another town in New Jersey ..

The shooter is dead, 6 adults have been killed (including the mother, school principal, and school psychologist), and 20 children for **** sake.

What could possess an individual to commit such a mass slaying of children and adults is beyond me. This just makes me sick to my stomach.

Since the mother was the main target, but not the only victim it seems like the shooter was probably taking revenge for something or was pyschologically troubled. It seems like the shooter was a victim of his own mind.

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