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12-14-2012, 04:03 PM
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It's idiotic but not surprising at all. The only ones concerned with 8+ year contracts, front-loading, back-fading & contract cap are big money players, who have a strong influence on negotiations. The majority of NHL players, guys who sign 3 year contracts at less than $ 3M per season, aren't going to be affected much by the new CBA and represent the vast majority of union members.

God forbid someone lets those guys make a living and try to make fans happy.

Nobody should be surprised at owner trying to get the best deal they can. It's the nature of the business. But for what - 50? 80? rich players to have a tantrum and require benefits that NO OTHER LEAGUE IN THE WORLD would give up and destroy all the credibility the league's built over the past 7 years is just disgusting.

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